JB Blogs his mind

7 01 2009

So yes,  I have broken down and started a blog of my own.  Why do i use the word “broken down”?  I never really understood the phenomenon of writing blogs and the huge community that goes with it.  I always thought of blogging as another social networking tool.  But in a world where everyone is a critic, especially with all these review videos I see on youtube, I decided to add my two cents in this wonderful world of blogging.

1 Cent: Internet dating….  this interesting world is… well interesting.   With the slew of internet dating sites all over the place, being advertised on social networking sites, in your face pop-ups, TV ads and magazine ads.  How does one lonely person figure out which outlet he/she will choose!  I’m not saying that i’m looking to join one of these online dating sites, but i know people who have used them.  Why?  I am not a hater of people who use online dating sites, or people who have met their partners or significant others over the internet.  I believe love transcends all, and no matter which way a person chooses, love and happiness can be found.  But if you’ve met someone you truly care about on the internet….  how the hell can you tell that when you meet in person that’s it’s going to be the same or better.  This boggles me… i have friends whom i’ve connected through sites like myspace, friendster, and even facebook…  friendships are one thing.  But to find love….. ok so you’re probably reading this and thinking to yourself, this guy doesn’t make sense…. what’s his point?  what’s he trying to get at… i’m not trying to prove a point…. i’m just rambling.  Anyways back to my rambling….  so I saw on TV… as I was flipping… Dr. Phil talking to a woman who’s had an online relationship i believe for a couple years without even meeting her online love.  WTF?!? Fuck abbreviations….. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!??!!?!?!?  AND Dr. Phil does some investigation of his own and finds out this person doesn’t exist.  Wow…..  ain’t life a bitch?!?! 

2 Cents:  So before I head out to pick up my daughter, I just wanted to say how much I miss my family.  I’m a single father living in the Vancouver, British Columbia area.  My parents live in Vallejo, California… my sister and her family lives in Montreal, Quebec.  Majority of my family is in the Philippines and scattered all over California. During the holiday is sometimes the worst time for me.  My daughter is the most amazing person in my life as she’s by my side and really the only blood family i have here with me.  But even with that, I miss my family dearly.  I don’t even remember how long it’s been since we’ve spent the holidays as a family together.  My parents are getting older, and both my sister and I have children.  Ok……  im not gonna get too far into this before i get really sappy.  So all i wanna say… is I miss my family to death. 

Ok…. first blog entry done….. time to go pick up my little angel….





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