Reggae Music for the Masses

7 01 2009
In the studio

In the studio

So,  my long time project in trying to put together a progressive roots reggae band has been protracted and ongoing.  I didn’t know how impossible it is to find a bassist in this city and a lead guitarist.  But not any bassist and lead guitarist… THE bassist and lead guitarist, both which must have reggae music backgrounds.  I have melodies and lyrics written down and would definately love to see it materialize into some dope ass music. 

The funny thing is that the past couple years I’ve been going through what most would call a writers block… I call it a “what the fuck am I going to write about now?”.  But I realized that I was thinking too much and should just do what I was doing when I was writing when i was a teenager.  So I started brainstorming and began writing and got inspiration from my daughter, my kasamas (friends in the movement), and the movement in the Philippines. 

Many of you might not know what’s going on in the Philippines… but a revolution is stirring the masses… for a free national democratic nation.  You might think that isn’t the Philippines Independant… and aren’t they a functioning democracy.  HELL NO!!!  Under the guise and puppet president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo… we are still under the imperialist nation of the US.  With the Filipino-American war that happened during 1896, the US has had it’s hands on the natural resources of the  Philippines… they use the Philippines as a dumping ground for surplus goods.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  If you think in the Canadian context, we have over 3,000 Filipinos leaving the Philippines to work in Canada and other countries across the world as Live in Caregivers.  Under slave like conditions and low wages with no education on their rights in the host countries.  They are de-skilled from their formal education in the Philippines.  You may ask… “So why don’t they just apply for permanent residence right off the bat?”  Well because of the socio-economic situation in the Philippines it’s not that easy… and most filipinos don’t have the money to be able to do it…so our people are forced to leave the country under Temporary Foreign workers programs and the Live in Care giver program here in Canada.  In two words CHEAP LABOUR.  You have professionals in the Philippines who get sub standard pay for jobs like Engineering, IT, Programming, Nursing….. we have G8 countries coming in and setting up shop with call centre buildings popping up everywhere… where a customer care rep makes more money than a Nursing graduate with full Bachelors Degree. 

FUCK! This is frustrating for me… but this is the plight of the Philippines… and this is what I write about.  If you’re interested and would like to know more or how you can get involved in the community to abolish the Live in Caregiver program in Canada… leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you!

I write music to make people move… to dance… but more so to act!  We are the future leaders of our nations… WE need to voice and act upon injustices that are happening globally. 

FUCK YOU Gloria Macapagal Arroyo!!!





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9 01 2009

your blogs get better and better jonjon!

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