secretly frustrated

7 01 2009
I have an issue, unfortunately it’s ironic because it’s a secret… and here I am posting a blog about a secret.  Ok ok ok, so it’s not really secret.  I’m frustrated because for some reason…. everything i’m encountering has erked me.  I don’t know why this is happening… but my tolerance and patience is REALLY starting to wear thin.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA  Wow i must sound like i’m ready to rip someone’s head off.  FUCK!  I need a release…. I need something or someone to show me the way…… I need a leprachaun to show me the pot of gold, i need the Burger King to do it my way, i need a tiny dancer to dance for me……

this is my happy place....

I need a nap session with my daughter…….

I need to probably just relax…. anyone wanna join me?




2 responses

7 01 2009

they say men get crankier with age…. :DDDDDDD

7 01 2009

“Wow i must sound like i’m ready to rip someone’s head off. I’m not!!! For those of you who know me personally you know that I’m far from that….”

can i give you some advice? and please, feel free to give me any and all opinions you have for me. when you write, don’t second-guess yourself. make no apologies. you owe nobody NUTHIN. say how you feel and dont give a rats butt about anything else! much love jonjon

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