9 01 2009

Today for me has been a day of nostalgia…..  I was thinking back as far as 2002/2003.  I remember enjoying this one particular band (definately not going to mention the name), I was a member of the band’s website and eventually started talking to someone I still remain friends with today.  I’m extremely happy to say that through 6 years of me moving, changes in my life, changes in me, her attending college, going to mexico, and eventually moving back to the states…. we’ve kept in contact.  Although we don’t speak or chat as much as we used to… HAHAHAHAHAHA remember those late night chats and my playing the guitar for you…. hahahaha those were the days. 

Anyways…. the reason why i write this blog today… is to say thank you.  Thank you for always being a friend regardless of how far apart we are, or how long we may not contact each other.  Thank you for making me smile when most needed.  Thank you for being a part of my life for 6 years… here’s looking at even more years to come!!

Jinjin… thank you for being my sunshine…  i love you!!!!




One response

12 01 2009

i love you too 😀

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