“..this one goes out to the one I love…..”

28 08 2009
My life

My life

I wanted to just take a few minutes of your time.  As much as I would love to say that things with my friends and kasamas were exactly the way they were a year ago… they are not. 

This is not due to animosity or an event that made our relationships with each other arrye (sp?).  We’re all just trying to get by doing our own thing. 

Althought I know I’m not around as much as I want to be when it comes to hanging out with my friends and kasamas.  But please know that you guys are always in my heart and mind.  You are my kasamas, my comrades, my family, my friends.  Sometimes things happen in life for a reason and we all must take a step back, take a step forward, or even take the opposite step of those you love. 

I’m hoping that someday soon we can all hang out like we used to.  But, over time things change.  Life works in weird ways sometimes.  Sometimes those you love and hold dear to you, are the ones who become the most distant.

So what is this blog getting at?

Samonte and I are going to hold a big housewarming at our new place.  And when the plans are set in stone… we want everyone to come over and WILE THE EFF OUT!!!!  I want everyone to abuse substances and just enjoy each others company… cause you never know when the next time we will hang out.

To those who have my phone number… call a brother sometime…. i don’t hear from you guys anymore… maybe that’s why i’m on Plenty of Fish… yes… boredom….. click click … BLAOW!!!!!

I’m craving Pancit… AY SHET!




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