I screen, do you screen?

1 09 2009

Throughout life, we learn some simple tasks that would help make our days more enjoyable.  I believe that we CAN choose our own destiny’s and how we want to live our lives.  So with that being said, I HELLA screen my calls.  There are only a select few that I will answer my cell phone without thinking twice. 

You may think this is bad, but you know what… there are times we all need to just kick back, and forget everything in the world… It’s almost like meditation… would you answer your cell phone if you were meditating??? Exactly!!!  So for those of you who get mad at me for screening my calls… don’t hate, this is why all of us or most of us have Call Display on our home phones and cell phones.  Call display is not a service used to tell you who’s calling so you can prepare yourself before answering… call display was made available so you can SCREEN your calls.  Don’t believe?? You don’t have to… next time you get a call and you see that name or phone number flash on your screen… remember what your first instinct is… 90% of the time I’ll bet you it’s “Should i answer, or should I not answer…”

I screen folks not out of animosity, but because I feel like going through the day without talking to that person.  Ofcourse if it’s of an urgent matter or anything to do with my daughter or my community work… I don’t screen.  Why? Because of the obvious… if you know me and who I am and what I do.. then you’d know. 

If you were to screen my call… I wouldn’t hate, if I had something edible or something smokeable that I wanted to share with you and you screened my call… fine by me, your loss and i wouldn’t hold it against you. 

So screen and be screened… it’s life… we all do it… don’t hate… and remember to pray to the Santo Ninyo evernight before bed….





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