The PEG!

18 09 2009

winnipeg09So recently, during Labour Day weekend, I made a visit to Winnipeg to see Alvarro and Tracy.  Now you must be wondering WHY I’m blogging about my trip.  I had a great time with Alvarro and Tracy and would possibly go back and visit.  But the main reason why I’m blogging about my trip is because Winnipeg is completely different from any other city I’ve been in.

Living on the West Coast for the passed 12 years, I must admit that we’re pretty spoiled with the weather, location and scenerey that we take for granted everyday.  As soon as my plane landed in Winnipeg, I looked around and wow… it was all clouds and sky as far as the eye can see.  It was a little eerie not being surrounded by a big city skyline and the massive mountains we have back home here in Vancouver. 

Ayex was with me on this trip and both of us noticed that the city was almost completely deserted.  Alvarro explained to us that usually on long weekends, folks leave their city homes and travel out to their cottages.  Let me just tell you, EVERYONE in the city must have a cottage somewhere in Manitoba because there was NO ONE in the city.  Ok… i’m exagerating… we were in the city. 🙂

So next question… would I return to this city the locals call Winterpeg?  I would… to see my peoples!!!  Would I go if they didn’t liver there??? Probably not.  🙂

I love you Tracy and Alvarro… stinky & baho….

ticnap tehs




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