“All the leaves are brown… and the sky is grey…”

1 10 2009

The summer of 2009 has come to an end.  This has definitely been one of the greatest summers I’ve experienced since moving to BC.  The passed couple years have been pretty tough as far as change and adjusting my life to this change.  My daughter is almost three years old, I’ve finally made my way back to living in Vancouver after a 3 year absense from my favourite Canadian city.  This summer brought visitors from all over Canada and the US.  I must admit, it came to the point where we had someone staying with us almost every weekend or every month.  Folks I haven’t seen in years, folks I’ve never met before… all good people, good souls and great laughs. 

I spent a lot of the summer gallavanting with my daughter.  We’ve tried every ice cream shoppe and gelato shoppe this city has to offer.  We’ve gone to English Bay, Jericho Beach, and Spanish banks.  We’ve walked up and down Commercial Dr, Main St, West 4th, Denman… my memories with my daughter this summer were nothing short than magical.  She’s the best companion to have, the best daughter, the best exploring partner and my best friend. 

My roomate Samonte and I, moved into our house June of this year.  It was a hectic move which needed planning and co-ordination, as Samonte was coming from Seattle and I was busy moving 3 houses in the span of 2 days.  But finally, after months of co-ordination and looking at houses.  We were finally in, our landlord is amazing, our location is amazing and our house is amazing.  I went from living out of a bedroom to have a 3 bedroom house.  The attic of our place was converted to a 3rd bedroom which we use as a guest room and our music room.  Samonte and I spent endless days up there jamming with our guitars, smoking greens and just catching up on the 6 months that Samonte had spent living in Seattle.  It was a long time coming and we’re finally roomates.  

I like to call the past summer a Pastorin summer.  I got to hang out with my 2nd family.  There’s something about the Pastorin Family (+ Stinky)… they remind me of my family who I don’t get to see as much.  Their humour, their love, their presence, their kindness has left a mark on me and hope for more years with them.  I was able to briefly hang out with Alvarro in August while he was down here for business and it was a welcoming experience.  I swear, everytime I hang out with this guy it’s never a dull moment.  Good eats, good laughs, good memories, good greens.  Several week later, I made my way out to Winnipeg for the first time to spend time with Alvarro and Tracy.  It was a short visit but it was much needed… it was good to finally see Alvarro and Tracy in their element… their hood… their stomping grounds.  As soon as I got back from Winnipeg, I got the chance to finally meet the only Pastorin I haven’t met yet, Maria.  Although Maria has the same Pastorin characteristics as her folks and siblings… she definitely stands out, well to me anyways.  Not only was she as cool as the A&A brothers, she went beyond all my expectations.  Such an amazing person bundled up in a small package, it was a pleasure to spend some time with her and her parents, I always get that feeling of warmth and family when I’m around the Pastorin’s + Stinky.  You guys are amazing!!

I was able to do everything and see everyone this summer, unfortunately it comes to end.  Now it’s time for my fav season of the  year.  Fall… where hoodies, scarves, hot cups of coffee and ample amounts of Pho reign supreme.  I can finally turn on my seat warmer in my car again when it get’s too cold in the morning.  Samonte and I can kick back while watching True Blood anticipating what kind of shit Sookie Stackhouse will be getting the Vamps into. 

Hopefully the Fall will bring love… it’s a possibility… 🙂

Let’s all get together over some hot mami, chicharon and pancit… awwwwww shet!!!!!




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