What the eff?!?!?!!? not again… :(

2 10 2009

cutI don’t know what the hell it is with me and dishes.  But this is the second deep wound I received from trying to wash a glass.  This glass was not a small glass at all, I guess I might have just been rushing. 

About 15 years ago, the same thing happened, a glass broke in my hand as I was washing it and got 4 stitches.  This time around I was lucky!  NO STITCHES!! Well the doctor gave me a choice but I took the route of an adhesive bandage.  And after one night… the bandage is already dirty… shitty thing is that the bandage is super strong and will fall of eventually.  So for a while, people are just going to have to look at a dirty ass bandage.  Not because I don’t wash… it’s because today I decided to wear a navy blue hoodie, and slipping my hands through the arms of the hoodie, the bandage picked up a lot of lint. 

Anyways, Thanks to my roomie/bff Samonte… he drove my car with me to the Emergency room.  The wait wasn’t too bad, but we were there for a little over 2 hours. 


If I would have known, I would’ve just bandaged it up myself.  2 hours for a bandage… hahahahaha great work St. Joseph’s Hospital… you guys are top notch. 

If i had to get stitches.. I wonder if that would’ve taken even longer.  My doctor was a young dude, who was pretty arrogant.  He asked me I got the cut from punching someone in the face. 

I also got a tetanus shot which now made my arm super sore. 

2 hours in a waiting room, 35 min waiting for the doctor, 1 bandage and 1 tetanus shot.  The bandaging and shot lasted about 1 minute, COMBINED!  Maybe the gov. needs to implement some fast food rules to the ER.  Cause I’m sure they can move a bit faster. 

I’m such a hater… sorry Santo Ninyo…

I’m not feelin’ pancit today… shet




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