Dreaming entails everything…

21 10 2009

Dreaming entails everything…  endless conversations ranging from technology, high school experiences, boys, girls, this and that… shooooooot.  There are things that provoke visual linguistics in my head, sounds that make letters to words to pictures.  Visuals!!!! 

There’s an ongoing dream that plays in my head, both while I sleep and while I’m awake.  These dreams were more frequent during the beginning of the summer, but recently this dream was re-visted.  It was comfortable to be experiencing the dream again, not because it was familiar or safe.. but because it felt good.  You know that feeling when you realize that your at the right place at the right time?  That’s what it feels like.,,,,

In these dreams, there’s a girl.  A smile that evokes melodies… you can’t help but smile and engage in conversation… a voice that charms your heart… instant crush.  All of a sudden all you feel like doing is wrapping your arms around her and just hug! Sweet, yes I know… but dreams provoke feelings… emotions.  In my dreams we meet at different locations, the beach on a chilly late afternoon, a coffee shop late night in the city.. wherever, whenever the location, it was like we always met for the first time.  Different conversations with substance, endless laughter, makebelieve stories, and horror stories – hot tub, broken glass bottle, and blood.  People watching from a far, like watching hundreds of open windows on an apartment building… hundreds of TV’s telling different stories.   Her quirks interest me and make me laugh, her ability to read me intrigues me.  I can be exactly who I want to be around her…. ME!

I hope this dream happens again and again because it’s always an amazing thing to feel good…




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