An invitation to play Street Fighter 4, Ye Olde English Style!

16 01 2010

After reading the title, you must be wondering what the hell is this all about.  Well, read on.  My friend Jordan and I have been faithfully trying to get back into Street Fighter in regards to our abilities playing the game when we were younger.  Tonight we plan on having a guys night with some video games.  But anyways, for those who understand Olde English or not… fuck it… read on!

[16:23] JB is a biter: come hither the eve of the 15th in the winter solstice, Ken shall battle Ryu on the battlegrounds of the streets, thus will bring fourth only one champion in which Ken will prevail… you have been warned
[16:24] The Jack: tis a gauntled most challenging thou hast thrown down, but thyn words shall prove as empty as thyne skill on the streets of combat!
[16:27] JB is a biter: thy words is proven as law, thus, these streets of combat will prove thou has much minute genitals than those of thy lord who controls the honourable Ken
[16:27] JB is a biter: once again m’lord, you have been warned
[16:30] JB is a biter: thyne words has proved that thou hast no words to say
[16:30] The Jack: truly a blow thus low shall only show lie thou shan’t know, and thus for honors sake I must rake thy soul across the lake, to avalon!
[16:31] JB is a biter: thus, i must wager that thou is aware of the victory that will be bestowed upon Ken
[16:32] JB is a biter: Avalon?! BLASPHEMY!!! Avalon proves to be thy virgin city of honour, pride and honesty. Thus raking thyn soul across the lake to avalon will show your blasphemous ways of all that is good and just.
[16:33] The Jack: twas only to take my honorable opponent to the shores of avalon after a worth battle, I meant no blaspheme
[16:35] JB is a biter: dully noted my great combatant, only honour and skill will be proven on the grounds of the street. Ken will bring fourth such great pain to lord Ryu. I will warn the good people of Ryu’s village and send fourth hastily a message to lord Ryu’s mother, that soon after the battle is over, Lord Ryu will be beckoning for his mother….
[16:35] JB is a biter: you have once again been forewarned
[16:36] The Jack: after many and many a great Shoryuken, Ken shall fall upon Hadokens, and burn like leaves of green and mir, a fate fit for an unworthy cur
[16:38] JB is a biter: such words of hate m’lord, although there may be truth to your fore telling, thou must understand that leaves of green and mir shant not fight back, thus making such claims are both null and bears no truth.
[16:40] The Jack: tis the gift of foresight my worthy opponent, after much training mayhaps you too shall attain the gift, if thou woudst allow me to teach
[16:42] JB is a biter: thy gift of foresight has proven to be incorrect, as I know, Ken has such abilities to change the fore telling of the future
[16:42] JB is a biter: with great victory comes great pain, in which Ryu will be subject to the latter
[16:44] The Jack: bold words indeed, but they shall prove fruitless once the Metsu Hadoken has begun to fly
[16:45] JB is a biter: although the metsu hadoken is powerful and most feared, thou has forgotten that a simple Shoryuken can end such great efforts
[16:46] The Jack: a touch of caution and space can overcome ken’s abundance of grace
[16:46] The Jack: and thus a hadoken shall crush his pretty little face!
[16:50] JB is a biter: thou has brought this banter of great sportsmanship to a level of uncharted waters. Poetry will not save m’lord Ryu, especially once thou face has turned black and blue. Thy worthy opponent will prove to be less physical, and your defeat will prove you hast no genitals
[16:51] JB is a biter: with an end to thy banter, i shall wish you good luck in your journey to the streets of battle, only then shall we both understand the truth of SF4
[16:52] The Jack: indeed, though must inform me of thyne arrival at my doorstep
[16:53] JB is a biter: once thyne has arrived, the wind will bring fourth notice of my arrival




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