This is how we chill, from 93′ til….

7 09 2010

This summer has come and gone like all summers do, I’m not exactly sure what it is about the summer season but it always ends abruptly and you’re always caught up reminiscing and missing everything that happened in the short 3 month span of tshirts, bikinis, shorts and flip flops.  Back in Elementary school, Summer vacation was always a time for growth, coming of age experiences, first loves, summer loves and coming from Toronto… lots and lots of days spent at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland.  I remember spending all day outside, knocking on my friend’s doors asking if they can come out.  No one played video games, everyone had rollerblades, and Ajax, ON was our playground.  We used to scrounge for quarters and head to the closest convenience store to pick up some Candy, Soda, Chips and some baseball cards.  This is how it was day in and day out, until we became teenagers… when music took over our lives and our summers became Music,The Boys (InXMoB), and Women…

Now being a 32 year old proud single father, I’ve been able to rekindle that “Summer Vacation” experience with my daughter, and with the plethora of visitors and out of towners visiting.. it has made the experience even better.  Numerous nights spent at the Night Market, spending your cash on quick eats and foods deep fried to cure that artery clogging craving we so much desire as human beings.  Endless afternoons at Kensington Park with Kaya, overlooking the cityscape sharing a hot dog and slurpee with my most favourite girl in the world.  Warm evenings on 41st & Knight with Kasamas, Duffin’s Donuts, warm breezes, and good music.  Spending 4 hours at Telus Science World chasing after my 3 year old as she tries to throw down some beats on the virtual drums.. or trying to catch that holographic apple.  Mutliple trips to the grocery store to get Mini Danon yogurt and Kaya creating her first frozen yogurt treats to keep her cool.  My roomate Samonte recovering from his accident and being able to see him truly enjoy his summer has put a smile on my face and re-assured me that everything was going to be just fine.

This summer also brought all of us together for the wedding of two of my closest friends, Carlo and Denise which brought a lot of out of town kasama’s to the Pacific Northwest… including my sister, bro in law and my beautiful and crazy goddaughter Tala Lorena.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing Kaya and Tala spend quality time fighting over who sits on my lap, who get’s the blanket for nap time, and who get’s strawberry milk.  Having them here has truly made this summer a memorable one, not only for myself but for all of us who love them dearly.

I was also blessed to spend some time with child hood friends – Carlos, Ryan, JJ and his wife Kim.  I felt like I was 8 years old again, having family friends visit and then showing them around the city and the different beautiful sights this city has to offer.  Random nights of clubbing, my truck being towed and spending time with new and old friends. 

When I think of this summer, the people, the sights, the smells, the sounds, the experiences… it brings me back to a time in my life where everything familiar was comforting.  Big changes were ahead and through all these years of past summers and my life in retrospect I can only think of one thing to say… “This is how we chill, from ’93 til…..” – Souls of Mischief




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