Kasamas, Kapatids, Kalayaan

15 09 2010

One of my most favourite things in the world is being able to kick back and rootdown with my kasamas, kapatids and familia.  On the outside looking in, people who know me best know that I am a Political Activist, fighting for social change here in Canada and all over the world, including the Motherland: Philippines.  It is obvious to most the issues that our people face in the Philippines due to the socio-economic issues the islands are facing.  Through capitalism and US imperialism our People have faced , for over 500+ years and counting, constant Pacification from the Philippine’s Gov’t and Elite ruling class.  When you think about the general population of the Philippines the majority of our people are peasants, farmers, and fisherfolk.  They are the true backbone of our beloved motherland and yet face the most grueling conditions and are treated like commodities.  Is this the thank you that our people get from not only providing products and goods for those who can afford it back home… and all of us here in North America???  Our strong, beautiful women are forced to go into programs like the Live in Caregiver program which is to me, legal slavery… as a way of offering a job and possible immigration to a land of oppurtunities.  Thousands of our kababayan’s leave everyday, leaving their families, their loved ones, their motherland.

This, my readers, is where we come in.  Staying true to the ideals and analysis of Marx, Lenin and Mao we remold ourselves in true Proletariat fashion and integrate with our community abroad, here in Canada.  There is a direct link of why our people are migrating in droves through racist programs and policies in order to put a bowl of rice on the tables of their families back home.  Ask yourself WHO is truly benefiting from all of this… the migrant workers? No. Their families? No. The State? YES.  In true revolutionary thinking, do you believe that our struggle ends in the Philippines?  When the ship full of Tamil refugees came to Canada recently… do you believe their struggle ends here?  I’m saddened when folks romanticize the revolution and begin to lose sight of the deeper analysis of not only fighting for our people back home, but also fighting for our people here in Canada.  To integrate and truly understand this class struggle  you have to understand all aspects of our communities issues abroad.  It’s a different ball game and a difficult task but my kasamas and kapatids have taken up arms in the form of MegaPhones, Music, and Poetry.  We’re constantly educating ourselves and the masses to continue a legacy our past kasamas have brought fourth.  To continue the true education of our people to lift this pacified and submissive view that most ignorant or un-educated North Americans have on our people. 

WE are not mail order brides, WE are not temporary workers, WE are not Live in Caregivers, WE are not terrorists, WE are not submissive and we will never be pacified again.  Gone are the days of Lapu Lapu and Andres Bonifacio… times have changed and this revolution has travelled the distance right here in our own backyard.

To turn our backs on our people and community here in Canada is an injustice not only to our community but to ourselves as Filipino’s.  It’s a class struggle, we remold and integrate toward our Kalayaan.

So I say thank you to our Kasamas, Kapatids and our people.  For having the courage to continue this struggle here in Canada…

A person once told me, “Che fought in Cuba not to build socialism in Cuba, but he was there to fight….”.  To that person, you fight for a cause.  Che’s cause was to integrate with people and liberate them by building socialism and educating the people the fundamentals of a Socialist Government.  He was there to fight I agree.  But to say he was not there to build socialism is just as ignorant as someone telling you that capitalism works. 

I fight for our people, our people fight for me.

Sulong ang Laban!!!!




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15 09 2010

Yo Bro,

Excellent points… I can totally relate… I love how you mentioned educating ourselves and learning from the past of diffrent environments so that we can move forward and make real changes where we are.

Shout out to all Filipinos around the world… One Love!

16 09 2010
Kasamas, Kapatids, Kalayaan Shetpancit’s Blog

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