The Roots of My Creation…

29 10 2010

When I look into my daughters eyes, I not only see her mom and myself.  But I also see my ancestry, my lineage.  To think that the same blood that runs through hers is the same blood that ran through my Mamang and my Papang and also my only living grandparent, my Lola. 

This blood she inherits is not spattered with silver and gold flakes, but spattered with struggle, love and pride.  Pride in our people, pride in our work, proud to be a strong militant sister. 

I thank my lola, my mamang and papang for creating the path to my existence.  My lola was a woman of strength, faith, and perseverence.  She raised 4 kids in the midst of Japanese occupation, struggling to keep her family alive.  Because of her will to survive I exist… my daughter exists.  In my lifetime I may never know what’s it like to be in the heart of a war of agression, but through the story of my lola and our people we can understand where we get our drive for survival. 

I dedicate this post to my loving family both here and gone… for bestowing a legacy on my daughter and I that will never die down.  Kaya is not here to carry on our family name… she’s here to open more doors and pave new paths for our peoples struggles ahead. 

I look into my daughters eyes and I see our people….




2 responses

23 11 2010
Lynn Yuen

Had to read this post again, love the meaning to it : D

25 11 2010

Thank you Lynn!!! I’m grateful that you’ve taken this to heart….

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