Randomness in one blog post…

9 11 2010

Random Rant #1:

God dammit! Seriously Vancouver… I’m not sure what pushes your city engineers to all converge on the streets at once, but my commute is getting worse and worse by the day.  Regardless of what time I leave, I’m late.  I can leave 2 hours early and then be stuck on 41st for 30 to 45 min.  and then stuck again on Rupert and 41st with no left turns onto Rupert.  Stuck once again at the Grandview on ramp since the two lanes onto the Freeway becomes one.  Traffic again due to construction right before the Portmann Bridge (I think they’ve been working on this since I moved here in ’03).  Traffic due to construction on the 150th exit.  Traffic on 96th due to Contruction… More contruction on Nordel Way heading toward River Rd.  SUNUVA BITCH!!! I’ve lost count at how many traffic points I hit in a day… but it’s seriously aggravating.  No hating toward the contruction workers… but seriously city engineers… be more co-ordinated, I don’t like spending 2 hours in my car wasting gas because you can’t plan your shit out and co-ordinate with the other cities in the lower mainland.  ALL contruction… ALL the time… yet our roads still look like shit… FACK!

Random Rant #2:

On my last 20 minutes of my work day yesterday, I heard some interesting and scary noises coming from our Steel warehouse.  It was roughly 5:40pm and I was just about to make my rounds around the office to make sure blinds were closed, doors were closed and exterior doors were closed and locked.  As I was finishing up my walk through I started hearing noises from our warehouse.  First, I hear an exterior door slam which is close to our Exit bay right beside our Plasma cutter.  THEN I hear our upstairs storage room door slam shut.  BOTH these doors are always closed and LOCKED when our warehouse guys leave for the day.  Thinking it’s the wind.. I walk into my office and then I hear 3 more doors open and THEN close!!! One of which is our Telco room which is just on the other side of my office wall.  I ran out into the warehouse….. quiet… no wind… nothing.  I take a picture from my phone to see if there’s anything that I can see as far as glowing orbs or what not.  Shit, I was freaked, checked the ADT Alarm panel and there was no open doors.. or breaches, I was the only person in the building.  I just punched my alarm code in and got the hell outta here.  Let’s hope tonight it stays quiet…

Random Rant #3:

I was asked a few days ago, what I thought about age differences in relationships and dating.  I’m not going to name any names just so I can protect my peoples from weirdos that are out there.  Anyways, the coversation went pretty well.  My whole take on this subject all depends on maturity levels.  Aaliyah said it best with “Age ain’t nuthin’ but a number..”, BUT it does matter when you got a sicko trying to hook up with a person who’s under the age of 18.  I’ve also been told by my female friends that men are always on the search for the young girl… this totally weirds me out that men can actually spend all this time and effort in dating a significantly younger girl.  WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD!!!  If it happens.. it happens… I’m not on the hunt for a younger girl.  I’m not even really on the hunt.  I’ve got lots of things going on in my life to keep me busy including my beautiful 3 year old daughter.  But if it happens.. then I shall welcome love with open arms.  My friend also asked me what my cut off age was… I didn’t answer that question because I thought it was stupid… obviously I’m not going to try and date someone who was 18.  C’mon dude… seriously…

Random Rant #4:

2 weeks into “No more coffee, Tea Only” has been working out really well.  Out of 14 days.. I’ve only drank coffee 3 times.  I’m proud of myself.. and to be honest with you… I feel better than before.  Herbal Teas are amazing and works wonders.  Green Tea right now is my favourite and I was also told by my kapatid (Jill) that green tea actually helps boost metabolism… dang girl.. does that mean I’m going to be deucing a lot more? 





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