The People’s music comes to the forefront…

12 11 2010

“…who you callin’ a terrorist, you terrorizing my people, so we tryin’ to resist… I move for the people, I move for the.. I’m catching knowledge pass it on then I move, move, move….” – RTwo of Toxic Slime

Music now a days has become a crazy kaleidascope of sex, diamonds, and cars.  Although as we look back in the progression of music and the trends of music sales, sex has always been the subject that sells.  This has become more visible in HipHop culture, shedding it’s roots as the music of struggle and moving toward a capitalist tool for consumerism and a way to portray social norms.  We were once blasted with images of NYC ghettos and underground BBoy parties, images of struggle in the innercity as lyrical sermons help us understand the struggle of Black and Brown youth. 

I was yearning for music that would bring it back to the way hip hop used to be.  Spitting education and knowledge on issues our communities are facing, allowing this information to reach the broad masses and those true hiphop heads who aren’t just sprung on the beat, but are also hungry for the knowledge these MC’s work so hard to get across. 

I’m not saying that hip hop is dead but there is a miseducation epidemic that’s occuring.  A sickness if you will, where women are commodified and labelled as bitches, twinkling diamonds on a platinum grill, high end sportcars and parties parties parties.  We’re starting to move backwards and it’s about time our progressive brothers and sisters in the hiphop game become leaders in returning hiphop to it’s militant voice.

Next time when you feel that HipHop is starting to sound the same regardless of who it is, check out Toxic Slime (Kris Blade & RTwo), KUS, The Blue Scholars, Khingz, Gabriel Teodros, Kiwi & Bambu (The Native Guns), On Point Collective, Dead Prez, and I’m only scratching the surface…. there’s more to hip hop then booty shaking and dollah billz in the air. 

“It’s a southside revival, put your hands high, let your arms be the pillars that be holdin’ up the sky, I heard a few heads say that hiphop is dead, no it’s not, it’s just malnourished and underfed…” – Blue Scholars

“..Don’t fire to destroy, Fire to reclaim shit..” – Khingz




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22 11 2010

great one

30 11 2010
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one can argue that it can go both ways

1 12 2010

Don’t exactly understand what you mean.

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