Practice what you preach homie.. that’s all I ask…

16 11 2010

What a shitty ass t-shirt….

Today I walked into a sandwich shop to pick up a sandwich for lunch.  As I was standing in line, I noticed a couple or Euro-Canadian folks walk up behind me.  I turned around and noticed that one of these cats was wearing a green Che shirt with the words “Viva la victoria siempre”.  With a smile I looked at him and I said, “I dig your shirt man!” he replied with, “thanks dude!”.  I turned around waiting for my turn in line and decided to ask him about Che.  “I have a shirt almost like that, Che was a prolific man, the movement to liberate Cuba was a huge victory, what do you think about the black propaganda surrounding the movement including Che and his guerilla fighters…” now… before I say more… the reply I got from this guy I’m writing here WORD for WORD! “I don’t know much about that time, I know they were communist.  I don’t agree with communism but I thought this shirt was cool.”


This is where my brain cocked back and a round loaded into the barrel…

“You understand that t-shirt you wear is backed by a powerful political message.  Next time you get up and decide to wear that T-shirt, study and read about him as people around the world are getting killed fighting for the exact same thing he did.  Che Guevara is not a fashion statement dude, I suggest that if you’re not down with Socialist perspective or the fact that Che died for the people then you need to take that shirt off.”

With no reply, and no word from his friends, all wearing stunned looks on their faces… I walked away… ordered my sandwich and left the restaurant with a big ass smile on my face.

Capitalizing on Revolutionary figures of past and present as a fashion trend won’t work.  To all you lames out there, if you’re rockin’ a Malcolm or Che shirt… and I roll up on you and compliment you… you better be ready…and AT LEAST be open to educate yourself…




2 responses

18 11 2010

Great post bro… I LOVE the message.. you’re blogs are the best read.. expecially in the morning when you’re setting your mood for the day. What’s going to be on the next post? any clue?


11 12 2010

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