Rainy Days and Thursdays…

18 11 2010

Although most people would say that they hate rainy days, I on the other hand is torn between both enjoying it and hating it.

Living in Vancouver it’s almost impossible to deny that our climate is milder than most Canadian cities, but we obviously can not hid the fact that this city is a rainy city.  Just like our sister city, Seattle,  just south of us.  People think west coast, endless sunshine and beach weather.  But I think what makes Vancouverites different from the rest is that we know how to welcome rain with open arms.

Now think about this, how else would you be able to spend the day inside, reading your favourite book or watching endless movies.  Rainy days are perfect for that.  A cup of tea or coffee with someone you care about or even friends who have nothing else to do either.  There’s something about the calming effect of rain that allows your body to unwind and just relax, I know most of my readers yearn for a relaxing day!  Since these coming months will be riddled with rain… I suggest you kick back and “soak” it in. 

For those more adventurous, nothing beats going out and just soldiering the rain that pelts your every move.  Before I had the luxury of owning a car in Vancity.. I used to walk EVERYWHERE! I had no choice… living downtown it helped me realize how beautiful this city is rain or shine.  Cafe’s are a sight for sore eyes when trudging through the wet streets in need of some liquid warmth.  I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy this city during days like this.

So as my days draws to a close, work day that is, I’m making plans to spend an evening in… I got my movies, and my tea… maybe some MJ… who’s in?

Today I take a break from calling out ignorant lames and just enjoy these rainy days and Thursdays….  I actually don’t really take a break from schooling ignorant lames… who does?

Hot tea for your soul…..




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