No Rest for the Weary, but the Weary sometimes needs a beer..

19 11 2010

I’m a strict believer in working your ass off and then enjoying a bit of R&R.  I wouldn’t say I’m a believer in the words “Work Hard / Play Hard”, mainly because that line invokes visuals of a bunch of jackass suits drinking a bar dry and then feeling up every female they deem fitting enough to forcefully partake in their neandrathal douche baggery.  This is the kind of drinking I do not take part in… why?  Because I’m not a douche bag.

I enjoy getting crunkdafaded… in moderation… yes, I sometimes do become that loud person and will sing my heart out if there so happens to be a karaoke machine in the joint.  Yes, I will be putting my arms around my friends, kasamas, loved ones and proclaim my love for them.  Yes, I will smoke endless cigarettes outside and make new friends.  Yes, I will be grinning ear to ear AND will buy you a drink.  Yes, I will enjoy those who are around me and will also RESPECT those who are around me.  Because I”m not a douche bag.

Through our hard work and determination, endless hours of prep work, media work, education workshops and forums, endless debate, collective discussions, assessments, planning, integrating with our community, organizing, educating, mobilizing, we TOO need to take a breather and have a drink.  BUT we will always respect what’s around us and who’s around us while we partake…. why? Because we are not douche bags….




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22 11 2010

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