Wake me up, when November ends…

25 11 2010

As the days in the lower mainland get colder and the nights even colder, I’m forced to accept the fact that winter is finally upon us.  Another year closer to 2011, another November coming to a close.  I’m not one to be a sentimental person during Winter and the “Holidays”, but during this time of the year, when the bitter cold is biting at your finger tips you can’t help but think about things that not only make you happy, but people that help you see past this cold weather and enjoy the warmth of hugs, hot chocolate and good conversation.

This year I was blessed to meet a lot of new people, new friends, new kasamas.  New crushes, I’m not gonna name any names or else I’m sure they will stop talking to me. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  I’ve experienced new things and I’ve learned a lot about myself and my community.  I’ve learned that love transcends all barriers and reaches out to those who trully need it.  I’m not here to complain about being single or gripe about how I feel that love has past me by this year, but I’m thankful that love has reached those who need it more than I do.  I’ll take the backseat, as long as those who are in need of hugs and kisses are getting exactly what they have been longing for. 

I guess you can say this blog entry is a bit of a reflection piece, as sometimes when you’re stuck indoors and you realize the beauty of snowfall in this beautiful city… you begin to think.  I asked someone this morning if they believed in God and then was asked the same question… If you’re reading this, I hope my answer although it was compact and to the point, helps you keep an open mind about things that are forced upon us at an early age.  The interpretation of God (In a catholic context)  for me is not a person or entity, but hope.  If the idea of a supreme being can bring hope to those who are in dire situations, then yes… I believe in hope and I believe that we as human beings can break barriers of belief and interperet for themselves what “God” is to them.  The pacification of people has always used religion as a tool.  Study roman catholocism with an open and objective mind and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.  I’m not here to preach.. I’m simply here to say that hope comes from within, a person’s realization that change can come and can only be sparked by your action to overcome.  So in other words… “God” exists in all of us.  Not as a person or symbol of worship… but the action to achieve the greater good.  And by greater good, I mean the community and in the international scale… the world.  If God was a supreme being or person… he’d be an activist… action to spark change in this world… not action to oppress our people, but action to liberate the international community.

So as I sit back and enjoy this cup of tea, watching the snow slowly fall unto the ground… I’m content in saying that my November has been one of the best in a long time.  I can kick back and truly enjoy the people who are currently in my life..

Wake me up, when November ends….




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