[500] Days of Reality…

1 12 2010

I take pride in being able to speak truth when I compose a blog entry for you all to read.  Although I don’t talk about the subject of Love very much, so I decided to write this post about the subject in true Shetpancit manner.

Last night, while fighting with insomnia I decided to re-watch a movie I had watched several months prior, [500] Days of Summer.  I’m not sure if anyone has seen this movie, but I enjoyed it.  Not because in the end the guy gets the girl, but in the end he get’s a high dose of reality.  When people think love, they think soul mates or are reeled into the “Love at first site” or all the romanticsm that’s dumped on us day by day that achieving love is what completes your whole life.  In the movie, his reality is that his love interest, although had feelings for him, did NOT feel that he was for her and she eventually get’s married to someone else. 

For most guys, this is a huge blow to the ego especially when you’ve fallen head over heels for a girl and the feelings are not mutual.  I’m not going to lie to you, I have gone through this before, and if there is anything that I learned from my experiences… I’ve learned to keep moving ahead.  We all have fallen for someone at one point in our lives where the feelings were not reciprocated and our first instinct is anger and then sadness.  Although these feelings are quite normal, we should at least respect and understand the way the other person is feeling as well.  Not only are they subject to being the “heartbreaker” but they are also on verge of losing a friend they care about.  Love can be a very selfish thing, which makes us loose sight of what love really is and being able to share that with your partner and the rest of the world.  You need to be objective in love, and see things from both sides of the wall.  If love is not objective… then you have not found it. 

I can’t say that I’m in love or on the path to finding love… I think as human’s we’re all looking for that person but the reality is that not everything happens like they do in the movies.  When you can come to grips with that… then you my friend are a step further then the rest.  Dont’ get me wrong, I’m a closet hopeless romantic and I’m sure soon after folks read this, the hate text’s will start filling up my phone with folks making fun of this newly aquired information into my life.

Nothing beats meeting someone and realizing how much you have in common… it’s an amazing feeling… but before you proclaim your love for them… get to know them a little more… not all connections are soul-mate connections…. or not all connections become evident right away. 

Love is an amazing feeling but can be the most shitty @ times…

Love for the people.. far surpasses all…

So love someone for godsake.. stop hatin’… 🙂




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1 12 2010

I ❤ you

1 12 2010

thank you!

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