Good Morning Vancouver…

6 12 2010

Monday mornings are usually dreaded by most folks since it IS the first day back at work after a weekly 2 day hiatus that we ALL look forward to.  Trying to catch your groove on a Monday morning is like trying to stay awake during Sunday Mass.  It’s amazing how quickly a weekend can go… Monday is a reset day.  For me, that’s the only thing that Monday has going for it.  It resets the past week, and gives you a fresh new start into a blissfull week of………..

You know what… eff this, Monday’s are wack.  Do you ever get the feeling of looming evilness in the morning as soon as you walk out the door to catch that train, catch that bus, or warm up the car.  Everyone is a walking zombie trying to survive as their only goal is to get that 1st cup of coffee.  Mondays are always days where you can never find parking downtown, or you’re super tired and stuck standing on the Skytrain since it’s so packed and people are talking HELLA loud (tks JM)!  Only on a Monday, can you experience stepping in a pile of shit first thing and not having time to clean it off, getting stuck in traffic as that shit residue starts stinking up your car.   Great isn’t it?  Gagging all morning on the way to work. 

Only on a Monday is where you prepare everything you’re going to take with you to work and then run out the door forgetting everything including your lunch!  Only on a Monday do you run out of your house and notice that the battery on your phone shows 5% and dies as soon as you plug in your headphones and listen to 1/4 of a song. 

I was going to write this blog to try and help make everyone’s Monday’s better.  But you know what?  I think I’d have more solidarity if I talked about how shitty Monday’s are.  I also hate how people are so chipper on Monday mornings and the first thing that comes our of their mufuckin’ dumb ass mouth is… “Only 4 more days to go until Friday”…. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE, at least let me get some caffeine in my system.  To everyone who’s super chipper in the morning and is about to try and make someone’s Monday mornning feel better… do us all a favour… do NOT talk… just get us a damn cup of caffeine….. k?

I’m sorry for the hateful BLOG this Monday morning, fuck that, I’m not apologizing.

Fuck Mondays…




One response

6 12 2010
Raff aka R.Two

haha.. funny one.. i was wondering where you were going on your first paragraph…lol Great input on mondays… My mondays usually vary… but mostlikely i don’t look forward to it… for the reasons that you just stated.

Twitter: @rdouble604

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