Why are you afraid of Activists?

8 12 2010

Throughout my time in Vancouver, I’ve experienced the lowest lows and some of my highest highs.  I’ve struggled through times of desparation and I’ve struggled through times where most people would think I was living comfortably.  What most people do not understand is that through struggle in all degrees comes liberation.  Liberation in they way you think, liberation on what you perceive is truth, and breaking the confines of normality that push us to the extremes of breaking out of our daily bubble.

In this constant changing world we live in, I believe it’s imperative to continue to understand the social conditions of not just the city we live in, but the world as a whole.  To think in the international framework and understand the struggles of people around the world is liberation.  Going against the grain and not fall victim to the lies that are fed to us by the very people that run and control this world.  The first step to social liberation is to throw everything out the door, and step into the door of re-education.  We’ve been mis-educated for centuries and I believe it’s long over due that we take back a culture that is rightfully ours.  Especially here in Canada, where echo’s of a Canadian Prime Minister once said “Don’t bring your country’s problems to Canada.”  Can we truly follow a government who’s politics doesn’t believe in Internationalism?  The only Internationalism the Canadian goverment is into is exploitation, opression, and capitalism. 

I understand that within’ society that we all know and love now, history of revolution once took the face of the Civil Rights movement.  The US was on the verge of Civil War as African Americans and Asian Americans were taking up arms and battling for their lives on the streets of NY, Oakland, and LA.  Militant groups like the Black Panther party were created to educate, organize and mobilize the communities in combating against Police corruption and human rights violations.  The battles were known around the world and Revolution became inevitable.  Theory to Practice, action to achieve a goal was the main thought process behind that movement.  Solidarity between University organizations, community organizations and underground organizations were more and more evident as the battles went on in the streets.  In an effort to quell these movements and the violence taking place the Government was pushing for a disbanding of all militant groups, left thinkers and organizations that were challenging the government at the time.  What a lot of people tend to forget about these times is that the people were fighting violence with violence.  Giving them a taste of their own medicine… showing the world that through the unity of the masses… change can occur.

Let’s bring it back to the present.  Where people either shun or are afraid of Activists..AND the word “Activist”.  As our countries men and women are fighting wars to keep Canada’s interests safe around the world, Activists are fighting the wars on the homefront.  We as well are ground troops trying to fight for the rights our countries constitutions clearly state that our government clearly does not enforce.  You say “Let’s figure out how to fix this homeless issue int he Downtown Eastside”, you donate to local charities… We march down streets, volunteer our time to educate the masses, and integrate into the communities that need our help. 

So before you yell at demonstrators and activists with the words… “Get a Job!” Or “Leave your problems back home!” Take a step back and think about it….  We DO have jobs and are volunteering our personal time.  WE are doing what YOU don’t want to do.  WE are talking to our local MPs and Government Officials.. challenging them on issues YOU watch everyday on TV.  WE are active in finding solutions and putting ACTION to our words.  If the revolution was to come to our doorsteps, it would be US that would help mobilize the masses….

So why are you afraid of activists?  I believe you’re afraid of truth…




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