1 Part Cosmic, 2 Parts Subterranean

10 01 2011

In my continuing search for truth I’ve been bombarded with questions, answers to these questions are far fetching and could take a lifetime to try and answer.  Like I said in earlier posts, I’m constantly questioning my friends and myself in regards to all things that matter in my life, both physically and spritually.

My subterranean mind is my underground movement to open doors in ways of thinking.  Ways of changing what comes second nature, and changing my thought process to be more objective and to understand all things that have a deeper meaning.  Be it trying to understand dreams, or trying to understand the inner workings of a person.  There are only a handful of people that I would even consider trying to get to know on a level that far surpasses face value.  Confused?  Think of it this way, you meet someone or something that interests you… do you take it for face value?  Or would you commit the time to trully understand him/her/it?  I believe in my life, I’ve met quite a few people that have sparked my interest on that level.  Yearning to know more about this person and not just enjoying the time spent together, but also enjoy the process of gaining a deeper understanding of he or she.  I’m not speaking in context of relationships or dating (although this also applies to that), but moreso in learning from others and applying that for the betterment of your life.  I say 2 parts Subterranean because we are constantly thinking, and trying to break apart and process things as human beings.  My underground is a constant battlefield… and a Subterranean war is at hand to Revolutionize the way I think and the way I live my life.  I’m never going to be the perfect person outside, but inside I can achieve a status of perfection with constant struggle and battles.  If life was an even battlefield, our learning process would flatline… and we’d all be the exact same person.

My cosmic adventures lead me to finding truths that are beyond my Subterranean movement.  Everything above ground… outside my inner workings.  My last post talked about understanding women which I believe is one of the most important things we should all do, but how important is it to seek the perfect partner.  I’m not talking about those single folks who are “I’m single and i’m just trying to enjoy life, not looking for a relationship”.  Majority of the time, single people who are not actively looking… are definitely looking within’ context to their “underground” movement or what I call Subterranean.  What you see, is not always what you’re going to get.  Or what you perceive is not always going to be the truth.  I’m single and I’m definitely not looking, but inside I know my soul is constantly patrolling trying to find that person that brings out the best in me.  I was chatting with a friend last night and for some part of this morning regarding a girl he had just met, not only are they beautiful together but when I see him, his smile can puncture the toughest of any kevlar vest.   I’ve known this guy for quite a long time and I know that he’s been searching for a perfect partner.  Maybe not physcially but I know deep down it’s one of things he was yearning for.  What I came away with from our conversation was this… regardless of what point you are in your life in trying to fulfill lifetime goals and self betterment, I believe disregarding a possible connection with a person due to the fact that you believe it will be detrimental to your growth is a complete cop out.  How do you know for sure?  How can you honestly say that Happiness and love is not part of your life goals.  So next time… think about that folks… think about what you’re really saying… and then think about how you feel inside.  If there’s any discrepancy… you’re lying to yourself. 

I have a subterranean movement that’s catapulted and acted upon by my Cosmic Adventurer.  If I find or have found truth in any of my adventures… it would be that love, although has become jaded by mainstream media and society… it’s still one of the most beautiful feelings we will feel as a human being.  With love, comes change, with change comes harmony, and with harmony comes life….

So don’t settle for 2nd best… settle for love…

Although this world is riddled with racism, war, hate, and oppression… we can all agree that as human beings and inhabitants of this world… Love is universal… we all know how to hate, but our subterranean movement teaches us how to love….

If you’re gonna hate on this blog entry… I got nothing but love for you…




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