Does honesty pay off?

17 01 2011

If life has proven anything to me, one thing I can say is honesty is a code that I live by.  So far, 2011 has been a year of ups and downs.  Yes, I know it’s only the 3rd week  of January but let me tell you that this year has NOT started off  on a good note.  Going back to my first statement regarding honesty, I’ve always been honest to myself and the people around me.  I’m also the same around strangers.  Regardless of what the situation is that I’m in, I’m always truthful.  Why? Because I believe in Karma and I believe in what goes around comes around.

Last week, I got into a minor accident.  Although all parties involved were not hurt, our cars definitely took the damage.  An hour to two after the accident, I went home and did an online claim to ICBC.  The days after submitting my claim, I was not ready for.  After providing a statement of events online, I called the Claims Adjustor to see if my claim was moving along.  AFter giving a second statement of events, the Claims Adjustor began explaining to me how hard it is to prove that someone backed into you, without a witness who is NOT related to you or have ties to you.  Now I’m stuck, stuck at a cross roads of unneccesary stress, a damaged car, and the possibility that I will have to take some money out of my RRSP’s to pay for damage that wasn’t my fault.  To repair the car of an owner who is completely dishonest, who would rather settle this privately.  Yes… i said it… settle this privately.  I took a moment to point that out to the Claims Adjustor and asked him, if that sounds like the actions of someone who’s being truthful.  At this point, I would like to get my car repaired.  I don’t give a shit about the money, all I care about is that the other drive, own up to her mistakes and pay for the damages on my car.  Yes, I understand that you do not want your record to be tarnished with this incident, nor do you want your insurance premiums to go up.  But as I understand and I’m sure all you drivers out there understand, that once you get your license and you take it upon yourself to drive, you have a responsibility to not only keep yourself safe, but to make sure that those driving around you are safe as well.  I don’t care that you are an elderley woman, the fact that you can sit in front of ICBC, and tell them completely false details of the accident and then deny liablity? 

Yes, I may be young, and yes my car may be a pretty nice car… but that doesn’t mean that I have all the money in the world to take the blame for this, pay your damages and then get dinged on my insurance policy.  Words can not express, how alarmed and discouraged I am about ICBC.  If someone backing up into your car is hard to prove and by BC Road Laws, those behind the vehicle are at fault in this instance.  Then our road policies and laws definitely need to be re-asseseed.  This is complete bull shit, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty.  In this case, through technicalities, I’m the guilty party in this accident. 

I WILL NOT be dinged for this as being my fault.  I will NOT PAY for the repair on damages that I did not inflict.  I would rather spend a week in jail then fall victim to shotty laws and be guilty for something I did not do.  I fight for my community and all the injustices that the state has forced upon our people, and I will fight just as vigilantly to keep my insurance in tact and prove that I am NOT at fault.

To the lady that hit my car:  You would not have taken off from the accident scene if this was truly my fault…. if it wasn’t for me chasing you down and getting your insurance information, you probably would have gotten away with this.  Not this time… you hit the wrong Toyota…..




3 responses

17 01 2011
Raff aka R.Two

Man… that is complete BS…. That lady should pay for her fault…

That happened to me too… someone backed up on my car… At first, she tried to blame it on me saying that I hit her while she was stopped…. immediately I called bullshit!… good thing i was able to scare her with the surveillance cameras around the entrance of the parking lot… are there any surveillance cameras around the area? maybe that’ll help.

Good luck on your claim… I hope you get 100% paid for this.

17 01 2011

Surveilance cameras? That’s a possibility.. I should check… it happened on the intersection of Rupert and Kingsway… she told ICBC that it happened on 29th and Rupert…. SUCH BULLSHIT! Jordan was in the car with me… and he can vouch for my claim… unfortunately… friends are not viable witnesses…

11 03 2012

Wow! I agree with you and I think the ICBC is being dishonest as well to get out of paying a valid claim.

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