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18 01 2011

It’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged some random thoughts and ideas.  I’m known to go on quite the tangent if there are several things that are bugging me or several things that I’ve thought about and just can’t shake it from my mind.  When was the last time you just kicked back with a friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, family member and just conversated on everything!! Been a while huh? 

As you read this blog entry, please please please feel free to drop a comment and let’s converse!!

Last week I was one of the co-hosts on a weekly Filipino radio show called Tinig Ng Masa (Voice of the People) on 102.7 FM CFRO.  On top of playing some dope music, our topic of discussion was the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP) and it’s effects on our community and immigration.  Just recently a large number of filipino TFWP’s have filed a law suite against Denny’s Restaurants.  In a nutshell, Denny’s restaurants hired TFWP’s (Thank you Denny’s for contributing to the opression of our people).  Numerous times, Management broke from their contract and have basically treated these workers as 2nd Class Citizens.  Overtime wages not being paid, airfare from the Philippines to Canada were not paid.  1 worker approached his manager and requested that we receive his overtime pay and wages still owing, management then used the deportation scare tactic.  Now ask yourself, if you worked 40 hours and didn’t get paid for it.  Would you report this to your boss?  I’m certain that all of you would say yes… now imagine the door being slammed in your face after this request.. and then being sent home.  This is a reality that a lot of TFWP’s face daily.  But instead of just simply being sent home… they are being deported.  Now ask yourself another question, is systemic racism a factor?  Yes! It is, we pay workers from Third World Countries sub standard pay for the same jobs our fellow Canadians are doing.  They are not offered benefits, services, and pay increases.  The pacification of our people and people of colour continues.  This my friends is Capitalism at work.  Next time you run into your friendly neighbourhood right winger, and ask them if the opression of a community is what Capitalism is all about.  They will say no.. but you can argue yes!  Just look at the world around you, and it’s negative affects.  One of the things I find appauling as well is that there is NO organization or Dept that deals with TFWP abuses.  Nothing, no governing state to keep track of abuses under the program.  NONE!! Except the Kalayaan Centre and the community.  If the state will not take the time to analyze their policies and programs in a manner that benefits their people.. then we will… and we WILL bring it to the forefront for discussion.  Growing up in Canada I never really thought that racism was a big issue… and now looking at the current state of Canadian Society and I realized that racism runs rampant in our government.  Minister Kinney is one person that might as well wear the white hood in all it’s glory to precislely portray his stance on people of colour and immigration.  Minister Kinney, if you are reading this blog entry, if you weren’t racist or a champion for oppression then you would re-construct and re-look Canada’s immigration laws.  You would realize that the LCP and the TFWP are racist policies and programs that do not benefit anyone than yourself.  I challenge ALL of immigration Canada and the HRSDC to really look at this program… and you’ll find that it’s got modern day slavery written across it in big bold letters…

And so this conversation continues…

On a more lighter note… On Saturday, I tried Jellyfish for the first time.  Although I wasn’t sure WHICH exactly was the Jellyfish in the meal, I gotta admit that it was ALL good.  Everything on that plate… so at one point I consumed Jellyfish and was quite happy with buying that dish… I would eat it again… but next time… gonna cut down on the portions cause we kind of went all out.  Itis was my best friend by the end of the night…

2011 so far has proved to be a thorn in my side, in the first couple weeks of this year, I’ve basically have been brought to my knees… through anxiety, frustration, and stress… it has been damaging to well being.  I’m taking into consideration that I need more kasama time.  I need to hang with the homies more this year…

And to those who have found love… fuck you… HAHAHAHHA just kidding!! I wish you all the best.. you guys know who you are!!

And to my readers… got a question?  ask away… shetpancit’s got answers…




2 responses

20 01 2011

Um, yes *cough* Will you be my 2011 friend? Hahaha

17 02 2011

i love it

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