Let’s Marinate and Conversate… again!

3 02 2011

Throughout my life, I’ve come across crossroads in making decisions and also paths that I want my life to follow.  I’ve always been pretty good at keeping myself in check but also very open to others keeping me in check.  Because seriously, if we didn’t have friends, family or kasamas to help us stay in check how else can we grow as human beings and parents.  Thank you, to my family, friends and kasamas who continually make sure that I am on the right path, and not faltering from my goals but at the same time enjoying everything and everyone around me!

Myself, and my kasamas volunteer our time as much as we can in helping our community acknowledge and overcome obstacles that the filipino community faces on a daily.  On top of our day jobs, and our personal lives we are still here trying to create change not only in the community but on the international level.  We live lives of constant struggle each and every day, facing new challenges and overcoming them.  It’s a lot to juggle and I know that we are all struggling at some level or degree to keep the work, and our lives going.  Through hard times and good times we take breathers to commend our kasamas in a job well done and share in the successes of our work.  I believe that through hard work, it’s important to decompress once and a while and sit back, as downtime is important in keeping our minds sharp and alert. 

During my decompression period I like to spark up a nice joint, it helps me clear my mind, helps sooth any muscle pains and really does the job as far as decompressing.  In moderation, Marijuana is a far superior alternative than alcohol.  It’s healing properties and it’s ability to help sooth aches and pains (Physically), is something that a lot of prescribed medication can not do.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy consuming alcohol once and a while but to tell you the truth, it causes me to lose touch with reality.  Sometimes making me say stupid things, and sometimes makes me act in a way that is not myself.  It impairs my motor skills and it causes memory loss from the time I get drunk… until the time I pass out.  How many times have you gone out… got super wasted and then realized you don’t remember that night.  When I was younger, going through my hardcore binge drinking days.. I was faced with a morning of questions.  I choose pot to decompress, why?  Because I believe alcohol is far more damaging to oneself rather than weed.  The difference? One is legal and the other is illegal.  Coming from a province where Marijuana is tolerated by our local law enforcement, it goes to show that it’s a harmless herb that has far more pro’s than con’s.  I’m not hating on those who choose alcohol, but if you’re smart about your pot smoking and your not sitting around all day just smoking pot and doing NO work… then there’s an issue.  If drinking is your thing… by all means, do what you gotta do, but let me do what I gotta do.  Don’t judge me for sparking a Joint mainly on the reason that it is illegal.  With prescription drugs, you’re putting man made chemicals into your body that have massive side effects and can also cause hardcore addictions.  And THAT my friends is the legal shit.  Cannibas on the other hand… main side effect… munchies……? 

In this ever changing and evolving world, we have to change and adapt to make sure that what we do is also current and will apply to how this world is rapidly changing.  We have to understand that things people did 20 to 30 years ago may not apply to today.  In this instance, marijuana is not the drug that kills people or makes people addicted.  That’s a myth that was disproven years ago.  I’m not an advocate for pot smoking nor am I telling you all to stop drinking and pick up a joint.  All I’m saying is that before you pass judgement, educate yourself on this topic, whether you smoke pot or you don’t. You’ll understand that it’s more helpful than detrimental.  The capitalist world is what’s keeping marijuana illegal, their black propaganda hides the truth of the healing abilities that THC has.  Thus allowing the Pharmaceutical market to make millions each year.  Slowly killing many people with legal drugs that can easily be aided with Cannibus.

Like I said earlier, in moderation, Cannibus can be a helpful tool.  If you become enveloped in it, and you’re sitting on the couch all day… then you need to re-think things.  For those of us, who continue our lives and progress toward change and social freedom… Cannibus allows us to relax and clear our minds… ready for the next hurdle to overcome.

You can pass judgement to me all you want but in the end, I know that I always do what I have to do to get the job done, and marijuana DOES NOT change my perspective in what I believe in and what I fight for.  I love my life and all aspects of it… I love the people that surround me on a daily basis… and for those that may have a problem with it.. you have every right to.  Educate yourself…. I have…

In life we make many life changing decisions… smoking a bit of weed should be the least of your worries…





One response

3 02 2011
Raff aka R.Two

Agree a 100%

I’ve seen people pass their judgement before finding out the real truth on this miracle plant.

A great way to educate yourself is watching the documentary “The Union”

Great piece again kasama! well said.

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