Is it necessary? Valentines day? Seriously?

14 02 2011

Throughout the year, we celebrate certain days specifically for historic anniversaries and certain holidays like Christmas and Halloween.  But today, is a day that’s either loathed or spent happily with your significant other.  Valentine’s Day is one of those days where we celebrate with our partner, be it a date, chocolates, presents, and gestures that speak from the heart.  Now coming from a single guy, I could sit here and tell you how much I loathe this “holiday”, but I won’t.  For a lot of people, they look forward to this day, and I really don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble.  Yes, I am single, I’ve been single for quite some time now and to be honest with you although there are a few people I have taken an affinity to… I would still show my love for them on a daily.  Wishing them a good day, telling them I love them, asking how their day went, and giving them a big hug when I greet them.  I don’t do that out of technicalities, I do that because I truly care.  And I believe that this is what the world lacks.  We do NOT need a single day out the year to show our love.  Showing our love should be a daily ritual… not only for keeping the fire going, but to also make sure that your loved ones, your partner, your wife/husband, your family all know that you think about them constantly.  That is love…  So for those people out there, who get’s these texts from me, or even get a hug when they see me or when we part ways… that’s a simple reminder from me that I truly care… I truly appreciate the impact you have on my life… and I appreciate the time you take out of your busy life, to spend some time with me. 

To all the couples out there, I wish you all a grande evening.  Whether it’s a date at a fancy restuarant, chocolates from the one your love, hugs from those that care about you… I wish you all a beautiful evening.  I hope that what you take away with from this day, is not how many chocoaltes you got, or what kind of diamond ring you got… it’s the fact that someone cares about you and loves you.  Never take your partner for granted, or the people around you that care for you.  Don’t let the next best thing pass you by, take risks, love the ones that need love, and show love to those who don’t have it. 

So what is a single guy going to do on this day of love?  I’m going to make sure that everyone that truly impacts my life on a daily… knows that I’m appreciative and that I will never take them for granted.  You all contribute to my life in a small and big way… that 1 day will never be enough to fully show you how much I care.  With that being said…

I may not send you chocolates (although there are a few out there who I believe deserve it) or even a Valentine’s day card, but understand that I’m always thinking about all of you. 

And to all those who are scurrying out to buy flowers and chocolates…. text me… I’ll give you my address… I like chocolates too!!!




2 responses

14 02 2011

I love you JB…you’re the best person I know that I don’t ever see (your fault btw :p)

I’m working for V-Day…you can always bring my present to my work 😉

20 02 2011

your good

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