I’ve been thinking…

25 02 2011

My life has been a constant struggle.  Regardless of how grounded I may seem or how nonchalant my demeanor may be.  I think for all of us as human beings, we’re constantly going through struggles.  In varying degrees ofcourse, which we all try to understand or should try to understand in a general way.  BUT, People of Colour go through struggles that even the most progressive Caucasian CAN understand but will never know what’s it like.  I’m not saying that Caucasian’s are not a key element to our struggles as a community, their comradery and work for abolishing the racist capitalist state is what has aided us in getting to where we are now. 

As a community organizer in the Filipino community here in Vancouver, I’ve always asked myself why the members of our community can be hard to organize.  Most times their feelings toward the movement are “What’s the use? Nothings going to change anyway.”  Or they believe that everything is ok since they are making good money with all their kids in school getting an education.  Although, it is an amazing thing that they believe they’ve reached their goals as their main reason for leaving the Philippines, they have not realized what this current wave of migration is going through or even have personalized and internalized why they moved out of the Philippines in the first place.  My point to this is that, I respect and welcome the efforts of our Canadian comrades and I truly believe that without their help, support, work and integration into opressed communities we wouldn’t have the strength and numbers as we do now.  BUT, we need the people.  We need our community to be the faces of our next generation.  To educate and stir up thinking within our youth.  Our People, people of oppressed communities need to be the faces that the state sees.  Through numbers, and through action… change will come!!! Egypt is proof of that… and as we see civil unrest growing in overseas nations.  The possibility of a global revolution is definitely on the horizon. 

This blogpost is not to discredit the work of our Canadian Comrades, but the need of our communities to stand up and stand out.  If you have taken offense to this blog post, take another read and if you still feel offended, then contact me.

We as organizers will never put ourselves above the masses… but we will fight alongside, to produce leaders, forward thinkers, progressives, educators, revolutionaries…

We can read as much Mao, Lenin, and Marx that we can.  We can discuss ideology and theory for years and years.  We can sit around and create strategies for organizing the community.  But no change will ever occur if we do not put action and practice to our words. 

To all those “Armchair” Revolutionaries out there reading this… get off your ass and integrate with the people.  Educate the people, mobilize the people… sitting around talking about it doesn’t change one god damn thing. 

So next time someone makes a comment or asks you a question why do you do all of this work?  I would answer “Because I want change… our current state benefits from our struggles.  It needs to stop…”

What are YOU going to do?




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