How can we trust our nations Immigration laws to a Racist?

14 03 2011

Today, my comrades stood firm in confronting Canada’s Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism.  In true coward form, he hid from the people, hiding behind RCMP and Police Officers.  If you are part of this country’s leadership, and you are promoting “Multi-culturalism”, shouldn’t you listen to what the people have to say?  Shouldn’t you open your arms and ears in understanding who and how your laws and policies are effecting immigrants, refugees and temporary foreign workers?  Isn’t the basis of democracy “for the people, by the people”? 

How can this nation be a champion of Multiculturalism when Systemic Racism is deeply rooted in the very leaders of this nation.  Where workers from the third world are being exploited and opressed in Immigration programs like the Live-In Caregiver Program the Temporary Foreign Workers Program.  Under these racist programs, professionals are de-skilled to work labour instensive jobs in which low pay and horrendous hours are the norm.  There is no governing organization to specifically look at cases of abuse and mis-treatment.  What these racists do.. is deport. 

In times of need, did this nation stand up to protect the tamil refugees that landed here last year?  NO, what did they do? Detain them in jails.  When a Temporary Foreign Worker became critically ill, did they allow their family from the Philippines to be by their side in this crucial time of need? NO! 

I’m appauled by Minister Kenney’s cowardice to talk to the people. 

In truth, I believe Minister Kenney should be wearing a white hood to show his true colours.  The people of this nation have taken enough.  It’s time you listen to the calls of our communities, or the same events that happened in Egypt may materialize right here in our own backyards. 

If you hadn’t heard Minister Kenney,  Democracy includes the people… citizens or non citizens… it’s our human right! 

So I commend you Minister Kenney, in proving to us all that you’re a racist. 

Just in case you don’t know… here are just a few simple facts about Minister Jason Kenney (*taken from No One Is Illegal Article on Vancouver Media Co-Op :

* Kenney’s record:

– The number of refugees allowed into the country has dropped by 25% under Kenney (Source: Toronto Star, Feb. 19 2011)

– According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s annual report the number of refugees who had their asylum claims approved dropped by 56% over the past four years.

– This annual report also revealed a decreasing “target” of 11,000 people in the number of accepted asylum seekers and sponsored family members.

– The number of family class immigrants accepted into Canada has dropped by 10,000 since the Conservatives took power. (Source: Toronto Star, Feb. 19 2011)

– The government has decreased skilled worker visas by about 20 per cent (Source: CBC News, Feb. 14 2011)

– Despite assuring Parliament that admissions in the parents and grandparents visa category would remain stable in 2011, internal documents reveal that Kenney is planning on slashing parent and grandparent visas by more than 25% in 2011. (Source: The Link, Feb. 20 2011)

– Since, 2008 the number of temporary foreign workers (>250,000 people) in Canada now exceeds the number of permanent residents (<250,000 people). (Source, CIC statistics 2008)

– Most recently, Kenney’s refugee Bill C-11 has created a racist two tier legal system based on nationality.

– Kenney supports Quebec’s Bill C-94 that discriminates against women who wear the niqab (face veil) by denying them essential public services including health and education, thus perpetuating gender inequality by forcing Muslim women not to wear certain clothes.

– Kenney spoke against a UN report documenting poverty, discrimination, and racial profiling in Canada.

– Kenney has labelled Iraq war resisters as bogus refugee claimants.




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